For Hockey Skills or Physical ability

Whether you enjoy working out with others or alone, we can set up a training program that’s right for you!

Work on hockey skills or train for imporvement in phsycal strenght, agility or endurance.

If you have a workout program of your own, become a member and  come in and do it !

Team Training

Want a great way to keep the entire team motivated and in the best condition?
Want to be prepared to meet the challange of competition ?

Team training may be the answer.

Make the sum of your team greater that the sum of its individual players.  Our goal is to elevate performance, lessen susceptibility to injury, and provide a blueprint for future healthy living.

Team training makes everyone on the team better.  Our basic Team program is a 70 minute session at the Annex with access to RapidShot, RapidHands, KnockoutNet and shooting lanes along with physical training equipment.  Use your own coaching staff or book our own hockey skills coaches or certified physical fitness instructors.  

Team Sessions can be customized to suit the needs of each team with respect to length of time, type of equipment used, number of trainers, staffing by hockey instructors, or access to the classroom for off ice video or discussion. Typically teams are divided into 3 groups with players rotating through  stations set up for   shooting, stickhandling, and physical training. 

Small Group Training

Small Groups are a great way to learn the basics and make some new friends.  Small Groups add a social component to training while providing the structure and attention needed for the student to learn and develop skills.

(3-4 PLAYER Group Training)

Often there are groups of players that either wish to “catch up” to their teammates in terms of skills and game readiness or put in extra work to help lead the team to success.  We can help players do that.

Small group training for 3 or 4  players can be arranged to work on specific skills and areas of performance, or to become more proficient overall following recommended programs.

Small group training will focus on your desired areas of speed, agility, strength, or conditioning using appropriate assets and areas of the Annex.

Groups who desire use of Rapidshotor RapidHands can book appointments using only those assets.  Book with a coach or use on your own

Customize your  pairing or group by using ALL assets that will be helpful in meeting your goals

(2 PLAYER Group Training)

It’s really fun to train with a buddy.. The support you get from a friend, and the friendly competition that encourages best performance, 

Participating in training with a friend not only lowers the individual cost, but also increases the athletic value of each session.

Specify what you need to work on and our trainers will do the rest.


Prefer training 1-on-1 with an experienced instructor? Private lessons are a great way to accelerate progress. Besides the flexibility of getting help when you want it, private lessons provide lots of direct contact and attention from the instructor and establish a pace of learning that is tailored to your wants and abilities.

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