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measurE and record accuracy, speed and reaction time!

What Is RapidShot?

RapidShot is a patented hockey training system that automatically passes and collects pucks. RapidShot is the only professional shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time, leading the way in hockey skills training and analytics.

You Can't Score if You Can't Shoot

Here’s where you can make the most of your time and effort… 

Rapid Shot delivers pucks every 1 to 4 seconds at speeds from 20 to 40 MPH. Practice catching the pass, releasing the shot quickly, hitting a target accurately.  Shoot up to 800 pucks an hour !

Every shot is measured for release time, speed, and proximity to the target. Results are tabulated and kept online for comparison to others in your age group… whether on your team or all over the globe. 

Shoot hundreds of puck in a session – (15-30-45 minutes) . Share your time with your hockey buddies and compete for bragging rights !

See your results as you shoot...or anytime

Watch as your results are compiled for each shot on the overhead monitor.

Scores are downloaded and recorded on the web for viewing with the RapidShot App or online

Each RapidShot round consists of 16 passes and shots.  Passes can be set with 8 different time intervals and 8 different passing speeds.

There are 5 Modes to choose from – Competition Mode (for scores), Training Mode for specific targets, Dual mode for one vs one competition, Handicap Mode for one vs one competition adjusted for previous performance and a Stick test mode

It’s always fun and informative to see how you do against other players your age, teammates, and others who use RapidShot at the Annex or across the world.  All scores are saved on the web and player performance can be viewed from the RapidShop website.

In additiuon, thereis a coach’s app coming soon to allow a coach to keep track of what his players have been up to and how hard they have practiced…AWESOME !! 

Get the RapidShot Members app for your Phone

Its easy to get started with RapidShot.  Get the RapidShot Members App and you’ll have every shot and every series recorded and available on your phone.  Check your speed, release time, accuracy and compare your results with other players in  your age group who use Rapidshot anywhere in the US, Canada, or around the world

Rapidshot at the Annex
Here's How To Do it - New Members ONLY

Players who already have the app or a member card should text the number that they now have to 516-445-7907. 

 You do not need a new number.

Ready To Up Your Game?

Whatever your goal may be. The Annex has the people and equipment that will help you reach it  Contact us for information on how we can help your player or team to improve performance and have more fun on the ice.

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