Improve stickhandling by measuring hand speed and precision!

What Is RapidHands?


RapidHands is a stickhandling training station that will significantly improve a players’ ability to control and maneuver the puck.  

Players can work on specific skills or utilize a competition mode to compare their performance with local players or players from around the world.



quantified results

Rapidhands uses a sophisticated system that tracks and records everything that you do as you are prompted to handle the puck over the various locations on the mat.

Directions appear on a monitor – forcing you to keep your head up as you move the puck and look for the next instruction.  An algorithm crunches the data and provides you with a score that allows you to measure your progress  which is stored on your phone in  the Rapidshot App, and on the Rapidshot website.

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Ready To Up Your Game?

Whether it’s stick handling, shooting,  improving strength,  agility, and conditioning, or improving cognitive ability, we have equipment and programs for you that will elevate your level of play.  

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