Improve stickhandling with training aids and fun games

What Is RapidHands?

RapidHands is a stickhandling training station that will significantly improve a players’ ability to control and maneuver the puck.  

Using AI technology, RapidHands produces a variety of stickhandling challenges in a fun “game” format.  In addition to the new games there is also a Training mode with 9 excercises.  The original RapidHands training and competition  mode is also available …but with a heads-up only display.

Players can work on specific skills or utilize a competition mode to compare their performance with local players or players from around the world.

Training mode and games

Train with 9 different drills – each 45 seconds long.  They start easy and get more complicated and difficult.  Feel the puck on your stick with your hjead up !

Catch as many pucks as you can through 10 progressively difficult levels of play.  Keep going until your 3 “lives” expire. 

The Original RapidHands app is back with no dots on the floor and a total heads-up display.  Work through 16 pucks with all speed and accuracy recorded for refer4eence.

Whack 60 players and goalies as they pop up as fast as you can. There are 3 levels of play with 2, 3, or 4 rows of players.  Great to co-ordinate read and react with your head up.

Pick up 60 hats as fast as you can.  3 different modes with hats coming from different directions and at different speeds. Another great read/react app while keeping your head up.

Cross the Red line 50 times as quickly as possible.  # modes of play available

quantified results
and Lots of Fun

Rapidhands uses a sophisticated system that tracks and records everything that you with the puck during the games or during training sessions. Gain hand speed, read and react better, and learn to keep your head up.   NO MORE DOTS ON THE DECK !

Game parameters vary from time intervals, to number of “targets” hit, to number of “lives” lost.  High scores can be seen after each round to compare performance with other players.

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Ready To Up Your Game?

Whether it’s stick handling, shooting,  improving strength,  agility, and conditioning, or improving cognitive ability, we have equipment and programs for you that will elevate your level of play.  

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