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Getting Started : Activate the RapidShot Unit using the QR code on your phone.  Each player can warm up …then shoot 3 rounds on each of the RapidShot units.(total 96 shots). Scores are recorded automatically to your phone, to the monitors outside each unit, and to the web where all scores for the day are recorded.

The RapidShot units will be set with a time interval between shots of 2.5 seconds and a pass speed of 25 MPH

The top score for each age group (16U and 18U) will receive an award.

Check below top learn how scores are produced


Release Time

An electric eye starts a timer as a pass is delivered.  The timer stops when the puck crosses it again as the shot is taken.


Speed is measured by how hard the puck hits impact sensors behind the targets.


Hit the blue corners for highest score. Green and yellow areas return lower scores. No points are awarded for hitting any white area.

Each RapidShot round consists of 16 shots.   Every shot is awarded a score using an algorithm that takes into consideration the accuracy of the shot,  quickness of release, and the speed of shot.  The total score for each round is an average of the score you earn for each shot.  No points are awarded unless you hit the yellow, green, or blue areas on the target, so accuracy should be your first concern. 

To give you an idea of how accuracy affect scores .. a shot at about 6o mph with a release time of .6 seconds will give you 600 points if the blue target is hit, 450 for green, and only 300 for yellow.

What's a great Score ??

Take a look at what some of the pros have posted ….  For mere mortals like us …the highest score recorded this season at the Annex is 505.  the fastest reaction time around .45 seconds and the fastest speed around 64.  

 You can see some scores on the Wall of Fame as you enter the building.  Maybe you’ll earn a spot up there yourself .

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